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We design hardware and software for the rapidly expanding cash card industry and is a leader in supplying solutions for smart card vending with products operating in Canada, the US, Venezuela, Hong Kong, the UK, and Norway

Reader- ACR120
Smart Card Reader - ACR120 Contactless Reader
ACR120 is a compact and cost-effective contactless reader and writer which supports ISO 14443 and Mifare®cards. It is designed for fast integration into different systems. It can be easily integrated into existing data collection applications such as portable terminals, ticketing, vending machine or access control.

It has an optional built-in contact smart card slot which helps configuring in different ways to suit the customer&rsquos preference

It includes an etched/-PCB antenna inside. The reading range is up to 5 cm depending on the contactless tag. A regulated supply voltage of 5 Volts is needed. The RS232 serial interface can be connected to COM1/COM2 connector of PC-station or laptop using a cable.

The reading procedure and installation of this card reader is very easy and convenient, just approach the card to the reader and following the installation guide. It is also available in ACR120 reader module form.

Technical Specifications
  Interface       RS-232 (Serial)
  Supply Voltage       Regulated 5V DC
  Supply Current       80mA
  Operating Distance       = 50 mm
  Physical Dimension       120 mm (L) x 73mm (B) x 20mm (H)
  Operating Temperature       0-70 °C
  Operating Frequency       13.56 MHz
  Standards / Certifications       ISO 14443 and Mifare®cards
  Operating System Support       Windows 98, Me, 2K and XP
Standard features for the ACR120 reader
      Full MIFARE® functionality
      Compatible with ISO 14443 and Mifare® Cards
      Read and write functionality
      High-speed transactions
      Operating Temperature range 0-70oC
      Antenna included
      Serial Interfacing, RS232
      Operation LED
      Power supply 5V/80 mA
        USB interface (on request)
        Built-in contact smart card slots (on request)
      SAM slot (on request)
Built-in contact smart card slot (on request)
      Read and write all microprocessor cards with T=0 or T=1 protocols Supports SLE 4418/28/32/42 memory cards
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