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We design hardware and software for the rapidly expanding cash card industry and is a leader in supplying solutions for smart card vending with products operating in Canada, the US, Venezuela, Hong Kong, the UK, and Norway

Reader- ACR38T
Smart Card Reader - ACR38T smart card reader/writer
The ACR38T smart card reader/writer is a USB full speed device. It is the interface for the communication between a computer and a smart card. It is specially designed for the PC environment and is an ultimate smart card peripheral for a PC.

It is an extremely compact USB device and is designed for SIM-sized smart cards (Plug-in card) access. With a size of only 67.4 mm x 23.0 mm x 7.8 mm, the ACR38T is highly suitable for portable applications, as it plugs into the USB port and requires no additional cable or wiring. It also supports smart cards that conform to the GSM 11.11 specification.

Technical Specifications
  Interface       USB full speed
  Supply Voltage       Regulated 5V DC
  Supply Current       max. 50mA
  Operating Temperature       0-50oC
  CLK Frequency      4 MHz
  Standards / Certifications      EMV Level 1, ISO7816-1/2/3, PC/SC, CE, FCC, Microsoft WHQL 98, ME, 2K, XP
  Operating System Support      Windows 98, Me, 2000, and XP
Standard features for the ACR38T reader
      SFull speed interface to PC with simple command structure
      Support Plug-in SIM-sized card
      Read and write all microprocessor cards with T=0, T=1 protocols
      Supports SLE 4418/28/32/42 memory cards

    Supports most common memory-based smart cards, including I2C bus protocol cards (from 1K bits up to 1024K bits) and secure memory cards (Atmel AT88SC153 and AT88SC1608)
      Support 1.8V. 3V and 5V MCU cards
      Short Circuit Protection

    Certificate of conformance: ISO 7816-1/2/3, PC/SC, CE, FCC, Microsoft WHQL, EMV certified
      ISO7816-1/2/3 compatible smart card interface
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