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Reader Modules
Reader Modules- RI-CTL-MB2A-02
RFID Reader Control Module - RI-CTL-MB2A-02 (Series 2000 Control Module with RS232, RS422/485)
The Series 2000 RFM is the interface between the TI-RFid Transponder and the Data Processing Unit. It sends an energizing signal to the transponder, modulates the RF signal to send data to the transponder, receives the identifcation signal and processes it for digital decoding.

The Series 2000 Control Module (CTL) is the interface between a TI-RFid Radio Frequency Module and a controlling host. The CTL controls the transmitting and receiving functions of the RFM according to the commands from the host to send signals to and receive data from a TI-RFid transponder. It decodes the received RF signals into the transponder¡¦s identification number, checks the validity and handles the conversion to a standard serial interface protocol. The MB2A version has communication interface for RS232 and RS422/485.

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