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We design hardware and software for the rapidly expanding cash card industry and is a leader in supplying solutions for smart card vending with products operating in Canada, the US, Venezuela, Hong Kong, the UK, and Norway

Antennas- Feig Long Range Anten
RFID Antenna - Feig Long Range Antenna (RR-IDISC-ANT8-6-A)
OBID i-scan® long range antennas are operated in combination with the Long Range Reader ID ISC.LR200-x and the Long Range Reader module ID ISC.LRM200-x. Depending on the application, single or gate antennas may be used. For applications with only one reading alignment of up to 80 cm, a base antenna (A) in form of a single antenna will be sufficient. For higher ranges of up to approx. 120 cm and applications with multi-directional reading alignment, the use of a complementary antenna (B) becomes necessary. For industrial applications, we recommend the use of an Antenna Transformer (ID ISC.ANT.T-A), which will reduce any additional interferences occuring in such areas. If you use three or four antennas for gate solutions, one or two Power-Splitter (ID ISC.ANT.PS-A) are necessary in order to facilitate the connection of two base or complementary antennas to one reader.
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