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We design hardware and software for the rapidly expanding cash card industry and is a leader in supplying solutions for smart card vending with products operating in Canada, the US, Venezuela, Hong Kong, the UK, and Norway

The instruction set of the 66P family is compatible with the 66 family. Up to now 4 members of this family have achieved ITSEC E4 High.
  • SLE 44R35 S (Mifare Standard)
  • SLE 66R35 (Mifare NRG)
  • For contactless smart card applications Atmel offers a complete line of 13.56 Mhz Secure RF Smart Card ICs based on our proven EEPROM technology.

  • AT88SC0104CRF
  • AT88SC0204CRF
  • AT88SC0404CRF
  • AT88SC0808CRF
  • AT88SC1616CRF
  • AT88SC3216CRF
  • AT88SC6416CRF
    Fully compliant with ISO 14443A, MIFARE® is the industry standard for contactless and dual interface smart card schemes. With an immense worldwide installed base, it is a well proven RF communication technology for transmitting data between a card and a reader device.
  • Mifare Ultralight
  • Mifare Classic 1K
  • Mifare Classic 4K
  • I-code SLI
  • Mifare Desfire
  • The Tag-it™ HF-I Transponder Inlay family is compliant with the ISO/IEC 15693 standard, a global open standard for contactless integrated circuits cards (vicinity cards) operating as 13.56MHz which provides also the basis for consumable smart labels.

  • RI-I01-112A-00 /-02
  • RI-I01-112B-00 /-02
  • RI-I02-112A-00 /-02 /-03
  • RI-I02-112B-00 /-02
  • RI-I03-112A-00 /-02
  • SR176
  • SRIX4K
  • SRIX512
  • LRI512
  • EM 4001
  • EM 4102
  • EM 4105

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